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Our Mission

To be good FOR you, good TO you,
and just plain GOOD.

Harvest Bar
A World Of Good 


Story of Our Birth

By circumstance and serendipity, Aric Haut found himself on the sands of Prainha Beach in Rio de Janeiro, in 2006. There, amongst the native Cariocas and turquoise waters, a purple berry glistened from the carts that dotted the shore. He learned it was the indigenous Açai (ah-sigh-ee) berry and quickly became obsessed.

The Cariocas seemed to thrive on ‘Açai na tigela’ (Açai in the bowl), and with good reason. The frozen pulp of the berry, topped with fresh fruit, granola, coconut, and a myriad of options, was indescribably delicious. It also left you feeling satiated but with a clean burst of energy. Aric visited the local merchants often, ordered dozens of bowls, and asked a plethora of questions.

While researching in a local internet café Aric learned the Açai berry is a ‘superfood,’ the name for nutrient-rich foods like bee pollen, quinoa, and spirulina, and considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. “Super nutritious food that’s also super delicious AND light?!”, Aric’s mind raced through the many benefits of bringing this hidden treasure to the States then booked the first flight home.

After touching down, Aric discovered LA was already rife with places that featured superfoods. Açai bowls had also grown quite popular. However, he noticed they were only available in high-end markets, boutique shops, and ritzy fitness centers. This struck him as contradictory to the very nature of the humble berry. In its aboriginal home, it is nourishment for the everyman. Affordable on any budget, it was earth’s great bounty available to all—not just the rich, super fit and elite. THAT realization was the true moment Harvest Bar was born. 

Aric dove right in, assembled a team, raised money, and got to work building an Açai and superfood haven that was egalitarian in spirit and in everyone’s neighborhood and budget.

On May 1st, 2014, the first Harvest Bar opened in Sherman Oaks, California.

And this is where our story begins...