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Our Mission

To be good FOR you, good TO you,
and just plain GOOD.

Harvest Bar
A World Of Good 


Story of Our Birth

By chance and circumstance, Aric Haut found himself on the sands of Prainha Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2006. There, amid the native Cariocas and turquoise waters, an amethyst berry glistened from carts along the shore. He learned it was the indigenous acai (ah-sigh-EE) berry.

The Cariocas seemed to thrive on “açaí na tigela” (acai in the bowl)—and with good reason. The pulp of the berry, topped with wholesome fresh fruit, granola, and coconut, was indescribably delicious. It was supremely satisfying yet offered a clean burst of energy. Aric was instantly smitten—he ordered many dozens of bowls and peppered the locals with questions.

While researching in a nearby internet café, Aric learned that the acai berry is a “superfood,” the name for nutrient-dense foods like kale and quinoa that are considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. “Super nutritious food that’s also super delicious AND light?!” Aric’s mind raced with the possibilities of bringing this jewel of a berry home with him to Los Angeles to feed its droves of health-conscious denizens, even as he wondered if someone had already done so. Then, he booked the first flight back to L.A. to find out.

After touching down, Aric discovered that L.A. was indeed rife with places that featured acai bowls. But what he found was that acai was not being offered in its purest form. To make the acai pulp more palatable and easier to serve, the acai joints in L.A. were adding sugar, artificial additives, stabilizers, dairy, or all of the above. Aric knew he could do better and find a way to serve up acai in its most natural, wholesome state—the way the humble berry was meant to be enjoyed.

Aric dove right in, assembled a team, raised money, and got to work building a joint grounded in the core values that originally birthed his idea: integrity, purpose, great taste, mindfulness, and a sense of adventure.

And this is where our story begins...